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SQL tables are missing

Last post 08-14-2018, 2:28 PM by eralper. 3 replies.
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  •  08-13-2018, 7:25 AM 51444

    SQL tables are missing

    When I try to open SQL Server 2014 database, it shows partial table data.
  •  08-14-2018, 4:29 AM 51462 in reply to 51444

    Re: SQL tables are missing

    Hi Juliet,
    What do you mean actually with partial table data?

    Could you please describe the process you do to display table data?

    Do you use SQL Server Management Studio?

    Do you display table using "Browse 1000 rows" option?

    Did you execute SQL query on database table for example: SELECT * FROM TableName
  •  08-14-2018, 6:24 AM 51464 in reply to 51462

    Re: SQL tables are missing

    Around data of 100 employees are missing from our SQL database server. I also read some tutorials of SQL MVPs and collected references:


    How do I find the actual cause for this one annoying error?
  •  08-14-2018, 2:28 PM 51470 in reply to 51464

    Re: SQL tables are missing

    Hello juliet,

    As I read from the resources you have shared above, I see that it is possible to create a database table with only including space character. Then you can use this table in DML commands without any problem

    create table " " (
     id int

    insert into " " select 1

    select * from [ ]
    select * from " "

    An other interesting thing for me is that, though you can create a table with " " (single space) you can refer to that table " " (actually any number of space characters is equal to single space character)

    I think this is a bug. Since it does not have a meaning to create a table with only space characters.
    But since SQL database developers can create tables with names including more than one word which are seperated with space character, this single space is somehow accepted too.

    create table "My Table" (
     id int

    Thank you for sharing this interesting issue with us
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