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Windows 7

  • Download Software and Tools for Windows 7

    For Windows 7 users who have installed and who are looking for software and tools for Windows 7, here are some free download links that you can download free setup for useful and necessary Windows 7 applications.

    Adobe Reader for Windows 7, English

    Apple iTunes for Windows 7 - iTunes
    Apple iTunes for Windows 7

  • Download AMD Chipset Drivers for Windows 7 for ATI Catalyst Driver

    I've been trying to install and configure my new AMD Phenom II X4 810 computer with mainboard GigaByte GA-MA78GM-UD2H.

    GigaByte GA-MA78GM-UD2H mainboard contains the AMD 780G + SB700 Chipset. And for updating the drivers for a Windows 7 operating system, I had difficulty to find and download AMD chipset drivers or ATI Catalyst driver for GigaByte GA-MA78GM-UD2H mainboard.

    First I download and installed the Windows Update suggested graphic driver for ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. But this driver that Windows suggested is old when compared with the default installed by Windows 7 driver.

    So I downloaded the Windows 7 driver suitable for Windows 7 64 bit architecture from mainboard producer GigaByte 's web site.

    Here is the link that I used for Windows 7 64bit driver AMD Chipset Driver (include chipset\sata raid\vga driver) from GigaByte.

    Later I installed this driver, I did not get any improvement in the Windows 7 Experience Index for graphics applications and graphics subscores.

    Finally I found a newer Windows 7 driver from AMD. Most recent Catalyst Drivers for Windows 7 can be downloaded with additional optional applications from Windows 7 64Bit Catalyst Drivers.

    When I installed the Catalyst dirivers on my Windows 7 Ultimate computer followed by the installation of optional packages Avivo Video Converter and HydraVision, I got 0.1 point increase in the Windows 7 Experience Index results for graphics.

    Perhaps the results I got after so much work for the graphics driver for Windows 7 is not perfect, at least I know that they are the most recent drivers for Windows 7 X64 OS.

  • Overclocking - Gigabyte MA78GM-UD2H Overclock Guide

    Hello all,

    If you are reading this post you have probably working on overclocking a GigaByte MA78GM-UD2H mainboard. I had recently build a system with MA78GM-UD2H Gigabyte main board and I was required to MA78GM-UD2H overclock for adjusting memory frequencies (Corsair 4Gb 2*2Gb Kit) for runnin at 1066 MHz cycle with AMD Phenom II X4 810 CPU.

    I got help from a Turkish hardware forum and find some overclock tutorials for AMD 780G Overclocking.
    Iwant to share with you these resources that helped me to solve my problem.


    I hope you can also get help from these overclocking resources.

  • Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant blocked My Private Folder application installation


    I have been trying to install my programs I have been used to work with on my new Windows 7 public release installed computers

    I have tried to install the Microsoft Private Folder (aka. My Private Folder) on Windows 7 Public Beta Build 7000 and the installation is blocked by Program Compatibility Assistant

    Program Compatibility Assistant blocked My Private Folder application

    I'm looking for a solution if I can install this folder encryption application on my Windows 7 laptop.

  • New Windows 7 Tools and Toys

    Hello all,
    If you are reading this post, than probably you might have heard positive feedbacks for the new beta edition of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and about the new Windows 7 tools and the rich Windows 7 toolbox for ordinary users and professionals.

    Microsoft has recently allowed users to download the Beta Edition Build 7000 of Windows 7 Ultimate for free and test Win7, use Win7 on their own computers. Any way, last week the beta download period ended. But you can download Windows 7 setup from your friends or from developers and administrators within your city.

    I can share my Windows 7 setup if any one who is living in Istanbul, Turkey wants to install and test the new Windows 7 and new Win7 tools.

    Ok, now which tools comes with new generation of MS Windows OS, Windows 7?

    I'll not make them in an order. Just a list of Windows 7 tools I remember now.

    AppLocker : Windows 7 AppLocker feature enables Windows administrators to control users rights to use and execute a program and software application or not. By using Local Security Policy management console, Windows 7 users can create executable rules to allow or deny execute rights over publishers, programs, etc and user accounts.
    For more about Windows AppLocker Windows 7 tool, refer to Windows 7 AppLocker guide : Microsoft Windows 7 AppLocker Tool Step by Step

    PSR Problem Steps Recorder : Great tool for help desk supporters, makes life easier for software developers and testers. And if you want to show someone a process step by step, you can think of using the Problem Steps Recorder tool (PSR) that comes new with Windows7.
    If you want to learn about this new Windows 7 tool please check the following tutorial : How to use Windows 7 Tool Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)

    Windows Easy Transfer : Very useful if you want to move or copy even back up your settings on one computer to an other, then Windows Easy Transfer is perfect for you. Choose from a wide range of file types and locations, gather them in a protected one file just like SQL Server taking a backup of a database, protect the .MIG migration file with a password and take the security of your private data. Then you can import the exported .mig file contents on a target computer which makes you migrate your profile, your personal settings, your files from one computer to an other.

    Dump file creation : If you are developing software and enterprise level applications on wide system, you might frequently face with problems that needs to take a dump file and let a more professional person from Microsoft or an other company's support to work on it. Now you can take a dump file on the Task Manager screen. On a process in the Task Manager screen, if you open the context menu by a right click, you will see the "Create Dump File" menu item on the list. This will enable you create the dump you need.

    MS Paint : MS Paint has now changed alot.

    New Taskbar : New Windows 7 Taskbar has great features enabling a simple and comfortable experience on the Windows 7 desktops. If you prefer to work with a lot of applications open and running, and if your desktop is crowd enough to get lost, the new Taskbar will help you a lot.
    Windows users can find a how-to guide about Windows 7 Taskbar here.

    Windows 7 Task Scheduler Software : Microsoft has build a better task scheduler software for Windows 7 users. When compared with task scheduling tool that comes with Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler is an anvanced and enhanced task scheduling software just like other Windows 7 tools.

    Windows 7 Backup Software is for backing and restoring for Windows users data which can be easily managed. Windows 7 Backup and Restore utility is a graphical Windows Backup tool for Windows 7 users. The software has an advanced automatic file backup feature which keeps your data up-to-date and safe

    Sent me your favorite tools you found in Windows 7 and share it here!

  • Windows 7 Beta downloads from Microsoft.com are no longer available

    Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 Beta downloads are no longer available.
    Although you can not start downloading the first public available beta version of Windows 7, if your download is interrupted somehow, you can finish your Windows 7 download.

    If you have not already claimed for your Windows 7 Beta product key, you can still get your key from Windows 7 Home - Beta Download pages.

    For whom who has downloaded and installed the beta version of Windows 7, please be aware that the Windows 7 Beta will stop working on August 1, 2009.

    I feel myself lucky. Since I had downloaded and installed my Windows 7 Beta system. And the good part is that the Windows 7 seems to be working perfect :)

  • I have installed Windows 7 aka Windows Seven successfully

    Hello all,

    Are you waiting for the new OS that Microsoft is going to release within next year. Perhaps Windows 7 the next version of Vista systems might be released before 2010, by the end of the last quarter in 2009.

    Any way, I wondered a lot. And download the Windows 7 the first day it is released for MSDN Subscribers. I have downloaded both the 32 bit and the 64 bit editions of Window 7 Ultimate edition from MSDN subscriber downloads. But a friend of mine has installed the 32-bit edition before I install the X64 Windows Seven.

    His opinion about the Windows 7, although the released version is a Beta version, is very positive. I know he does not like working on betas. Actually he was looking for a stable operating system after working on Vista Ultimate. His main aim is running the Vista or the Windows 7 as a home media pc. And his first impression about the Windows 7 is very encouraging. He said he was tired of the Vista, and Windows 7 is much more reliable when compared with Vista SP2.

    If you ask my opinion about Microsoft Windows Seven, after a failed installation attempt as you can see how I failed because of insufficient disk place at Microsoft Windows 7 - A failed installation titled picture gallery, I managed to install Windows 7 both as an upgrade from Windows Vista or as a fresh installation.

    I had very limited disk space on my hard disk, so I had to bought a new disk in order to spare disk space for HD movies :) By the way I bought a Samsung SpinPoint F1 series hard disk. Do you have any comments on these disks. Actually after I heard about the failures about a wide range of products of a disk producers I'm glad to have chosen the Samsung SpinPoints.

    OK, now a few notes about the Windows 7 installation experience that I can share with you. First it is very simple, you do not have to stand by your computer. You just type a few descriptive names, chose your regional selections, etc. Then start installation and take a short break. Because the installation is also fast. I can easily say that Windows 7 Beta release is the simpliest operating system installation I had ever experienced.

    The desktop is very similar to Vista with a few slight differences. If you wonder the new Windows 7 games as I had, there is not an additional game that were existing in the Vista Ultimate editions unfortunately.

    The IE 8 is installed default on the Windows Seven. By the way the Internet Explorer IE 8 Beta 2 is far better than the first beta.

    I would like to share my experiences on Windows 7 soon again in this blog. If you have any questions, please share them with us.

    Wish you a good Windows 7 experience too!

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