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Windows 7

New Windows 7 Tools and Toys

Hello all,
If you are reading this post, than probably you might have heard positive feedbacks for the new beta edition of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and about the new Windows 7 tools and the rich Windows 7 toolbox for ordinary users and professionals.

Microsoft has recently allowed users to download the Beta Edition Build 7000 of Windows 7 Ultimate for free and test Win7, use Win7 on their own computers. Any way, last week the beta download period ended. But you can download Windows 7 setup from your friends or from developers and administrators within your city.

I can share my Windows 7 setup if any one who is living in Istanbul, Turkey wants to install and test the new Windows 7 and new Win7 tools.

Ok, now which tools comes with new generation of MS Windows OS, Windows 7?

I'll not make them in an order. Just a list of Windows 7 tools I remember now.

AppLocker : Windows 7 AppLocker feature enables Windows administrators to control users rights to use and execute a program and software application or not. By using Local Security Policy management console, Windows 7 users can create executable rules to allow or deny execute rights over publishers, programs, etc and user accounts.
For more about Windows AppLocker Windows 7 tool, refer to Windows 7 AppLocker guide : Microsoft Windows 7 AppLocker Tool Step by Step

PSR Problem Steps Recorder : Great tool for help desk supporters, makes life easier for software developers and testers. And if you want to show someone a process step by step, you can think of using the Problem Steps Recorder tool (PSR) that comes new with Windows7.
If you want to learn about this new Windows 7 tool please check the following tutorial : How to use Windows 7 Tool Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)

Windows Easy Transfer : Very useful if you want to move or copy even back up your settings on one computer to an other, then Windows Easy Transfer is perfect for you. Choose from a wide range of file types and locations, gather them in a protected one file just like SQL Server taking a backup of a database, protect the .MIG migration file with a password and take the security of your private data. Then you can import the exported .mig file contents on a target computer which makes you migrate your profile, your personal settings, your files from one computer to an other.

Dump file creation : If you are developing software and enterprise level applications on wide system, you might frequently face with problems that needs to take a dump file and let a more professional person from Microsoft or an other company's support to work on it. Now you can take a dump file on the Task Manager screen. On a process in the Task Manager screen, if you open the context menu by a right click, you will see the "Create Dump File" menu item on the list. This will enable you create the dump you need.

MS Paint : MS Paint has now changed alot.

New Taskbar : New Windows 7 Taskbar has great features enabling a simple and comfortable experience on the Windows 7 desktops. If you prefer to work with a lot of applications open and running, and if your desktop is crowd enough to get lost, the new Taskbar will help you a lot.
Windows users can find a how-to guide about Windows 7 Taskbar here.

Windows 7 Task Scheduler Software : Microsoft has build a better task scheduler software for Windows 7 users. When compared with task scheduling tool that comes with Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler is an anvanced and enhanced task scheduling software just like other Windows 7 tools.

Windows 7 Backup Software is for backing and restoring for Windows users data which can be easily managed. Windows 7 Backup and Restore utility is a graphical Windows Backup tool for Windows 7 users. The software has an advanced automatic file backup feature which keeps your data up-to-date and safe

Sent me your favorite tools you found in Windows 7 and share it here!

Published Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:54 PM


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