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  • Questions and Limitations on Parametric CDS Views on SAP HANA Database

    While working on SAP HANA database with parametric CDS views that can be created using SAP HANA Studio, I come across with a few problems that seem to be hard to resolve.

    For example, ABAP SQLScript developer can create parametric view.
    It is also possible to assign a default value using annotations.
    But it is not certain or at least I could not find a way to call a CDS view without explicitly assigning values to optional parameters.

    Also I could not pass NULL values as CDS view parameter values.

    TOP clause is also a question for me.
    In fact if you are developing SQL, you will know that it is meaningless to use TOP n clause in a SQL View definition.
    Maybe this is the reason SAP HANA database SQLScript also does not let me to use TOP to select top 10 rows for example in CDS view definition.

  • openSAP Course: Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World

    Hello all,

    Today I'ld like to talk to you about an OpenSAP course on entrepreneurship titled "Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World"

    First of all, I want to remind you all OpenSAP courses are free. You can attend online courses which last from 4 weeks to 7 or 8 week durations with online assignments and peer tasks to complete. I strongly advice all to take these free online courses from OpenSAP. Especially if you are an ABAP developer, you will find courses about SAPUI5 and new UX courses like software design for non-designers, SAP Fiori app development or SAP Hana Cloud Platform courses, etc.

    Please visit OpenSAP now and register for a free course about SAP or SAP technologies like SAP UI5, Personas or on SAP approach and tools on common technology terms like Entrepreneurship, Digital Transition, etc.

    Let's return back to our main topic of this blog post: Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World
    Please visit the course introductory page Entrepreneurship to have a rough idea about the course.

    Although the first weeks are concentrated on migration problem all over the world as a study topic for social entrepreneurship, following weeks topics cover the mindset of an entrepreneur, tools and processes that an entrepreneur should master, failure topic and storytelling, etc.

    I must say that the topics and the educators are very interesting and known social entrepreneurs in their expertise areas. The course is even very good at to know these names better on action.

    Let's copy the course content for you here

    Course Content
    Entrepreneurship to Foster Societal Change
    Deep Dive into Problem Solving and Ideation
    Innovative Thinking, Approaches and Business Modelling
    Preparation and Testing
    Storytelling and Motivating
    Scaling Sustainably

    And here is a short list of the entrepreneurs giving speech during the course.
    Ryan Little,
    Andy Goldstein,
    Professor Muhammad Yunus,
    Nick Allardice,
    Patmanathan Pillai,
    Klaus Sailer,
    Zoran Puljic,
    Cliff Prior, and many others,

    improve your mindset for entrepreneurship

  • Node.js Training NodeSchool Istanbul

    I'll be attending soon the Node.js training held by NodeSchool Istanbul.
    That will be a beginner level one day training and will be useful to get the concepts of Node.js rapidly and to see the Node.js on action as the way it is used by experts on it.

    The details and the agenda of the Node.js training can be checked at EventBrite web site

    But to make a short list of the main titles in this short training on Node.js following will be explained:
    What is Node.js
    Node modular structure and NPM (Node Package Manager)
    Node Core API
    Node.js RESTful API
    Building Desktop Applications

    Below I just put a graphical representation of the Node.js components to see where Javascript developers can benefit from Node.js.

    Node.js components

    I wish to leave the training with a handful tips and clues for a new project based on Javascript

  • SAP TechEd 2015 Barcelona KeyNote by Björn Goerke

    Last week I was in Barcelona to attend the SAP Teched 2015 Barcelona.
    It was great experience to be attending TechEd events where thousands of IT professionals gather on similar interest areas with you.
    I was years ago in Barcelona for Microsoft TechEd and I must admit that SAP is doing TechEd as good as Microsoft does.

    Any way, I will share my SAP Teched Barcelona notes with you in my posts and provide you documentation, hands on lab notes, session notes, etc.

    Today what I want to recommend you is to watch the SAP Executive keynote on second day of the Teched by Björn Goerke
    The Developer: Bring Digital Home

    SAP Teched Keynote presentation

  • Microsoft Announced Release Dates for Visual Studio 2015 RTM Editions

    Microsoft announced the released dates for Visual Studio 2015 RTM editions.
    On 20th of July the main line and tools with Visual Studio 2015 are released and these are available for download now.

    Following Editions are available for download:
    Visual Studio Community 2015 (This is free for developers, download free and code using Community edition free)
    Visual Studio Enterprise 2015
    Visual Studio Professional 2015
    Visual Studio Test Professional 2015
    Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop
    Visual Studio Express 2015 for Web

    Only the Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows 10 is not released but soon be available for programmers.

    On 29th of July 29, Windows 10, Windows 10 SDK and Visual Studio Universal Windows app development tools will be released
    For the details of the announcement, please read Windows Blog

    Visual Studio developers can follow and find the download links for Visual Studio 2015 at Download Visual Studio 2015

  • SQL Server 2016 is on the way

    Microsoft has announced the new version of its Data Platform tool, SQL Server 2016 to be first available for Public Preview within a few months.

    I'll be adding SQL Server 2016 features and enhancements introduced for database professionals soon. By the time, you can as always get the most relevant and correct information about Microsoft SQL Server 2016 from Microsoft's SQL Server 2016 product page

    SQL Server 2016
  • SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP

    Hi SQL developers and SQL Server database administrators,

    I've started to study the new In-Memory OLTP enhancements introduced with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP1. I must say that it was easy to start using in-memory optimized database and tables on my development and test laptop.

    The table create syntax and the stored procedure syntax is showing different than as we get used to. But it is not hard to understand and use the new syntax for memory optimized tables and for natively compiled stored procedures.

    As my first impression on the performance improvement that comes with SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP, I can easily say that it is great.
    My dummy PC with not configured for SQL Server data tasks provided 1000000 rows insert into memory optimized database table in 4 seconds. On the other hand, it took about 75 times more time to insert 1 million records to a normal table stored on physical disk.

    I'll be concentrating on in-memory optimized database enhancements of SQL Server 2014 more in coming days. So see you on my next post.
    Update: For database administrators who requires a temporary memory resource tı support caching for minimizing IO reads and optimizing IO throughput, SQL Server 2014 introduces Buffer Pool Extension. Buffer pool extension enables administrators to add a SSD (Solid State Disk) or a flash disk for SQL Server engine to use as buffer pool to increase caching for reducing disk IO
  • SQL Server 2014 side by side setup failed

    Hello SQL Server data platform professionals,

    I've been worked as a Transact-SQL developer and take care of SQL Server database maintenance and BI development especially of SQL Server Reporting Services and OLAP cubes in SSAS for long time.
    With the new version of SQL Server release, SQL Server 2014 CTP1 I get excited and impatient to try and learn the new enhancements and improvements in SQL Server for database administrators and SQL developers as well a BI developers.

    If you also want to download and try latest SQL Server release, SQL Server 2014 CTP1 please refer to Free Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Download

    Unfortunately side by side installation of SQL Server 2014 CTP1 with previous versions of SQL Server is not supported at this step yet.

    The setup rules check prepared a report titled Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 1 - System Configuration Check Report containing the following failed points on my configuration:

    Checks whether there is an existing SQL Product other than SQL14 CTP1 installed.
    A SQL product other than SQL Server 2014 CTP1 is detected. You cannot install this release until the existing instances of SQL products are uninstalled.

    And an other problem occured during Visual Studio installation check rule:

    Block SQL14 CTP1 installation when versions of Visual Studio that install SQL Server 2012 client libraries are present on the machine.
    Installation blocked due to detection of versions of Visual Studio that install SQL Server 2012 client libraries. SQL14 CTP1 is prerelease software and should be installed only on a clean machine.

    I think I have to wait at least a few days more to test the new SQL Server 2014 features and enhancements for database professionals.
  • SQL Server 2014 and Big Data approach from Microsoft

    Microsoft has announced SQL Server 2014 during TechEd at the beginning of this month. And before the end of month comes, Microsoft has released the first public preview of SQL Server 2014, Community Preview 1 aka CTP1.

    And what will be the most attractive enhancements for data professionals is in-memory OLTP enhancements in SQL Server 2014 database engine. This performance boost is delivered as an output of the project Hekaton which is developed with Microsoft Research

    Why in-memory OLTP can be considered as most important feature of SQL Server 2014? Because in-memory OLTP objects will provide 10 to 60 times performance improvements without any code or application change.

    Besides in-memory OLTP feature, SQL Server 2014 introduces Clustered ColumnStore which is one step ahead of ColumnStore index which was first introduced to SQL Server developers and Data Warehouse developers with SQL Server 2012.

    SQL Server 2014 will enable database administrators to integrate solid-state storage (SSD) into SQL Server easily without interrupting database execution to increase performance and minimizing Disk IO

    All these performance increase with Hadoop Connectivity will make SQL Server 2014 database engine a data platform for enterprises to deal with Big Data.

    Go and download your free evaluation copy of SQL Server 2014 to see what is new in SQL Server 2014 for you.

  • Developing HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 online courses from Virtual Academy

    Hello web programmers, and additionally Windows Phone 8 programmers,

    Since all we can now code in HTML5 in our environments or devices where our apps or applications will run on.

    I've been attending to courses that Microsoft offers free over Virtual Academy. After attending Windows Phone 8 development training courses, I now started Developing in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 and I want to share the first session's evaluation notes with you.

    In fact this is some small notes not to forget for future while HTML5 programming.

    The first note can be the difference between canvas and SVG graphics improvements in HTML5.
    Don't forget if complex, SVG will be slow in rendering process. Although developers can identify and work with each object on SVG seperately, canvas will perform better if the graphic is too complex.
    All graphic reach apps use canvas.
    Here I mentioned an other important difference between canvas and SVG is that, SVG images can be searched within a DOM. But canvas is to be repainted one image everytime.

    And the improved and new forms elements in HTML5.
    For example, when you place an input element within an HTML5 form, you can mark the field as required in an input form just by adding the "required attribute" or setting the required attribute value to "required". Here is the sample HTML5 markup code. Both usage is correct.
    <input type="text" required />
    <input type="text" required="required">

    An other evaluation questions were about the new HTML5 semantic tags.
    For example if you want to place author and copyright data in your HTML5 web page, you can use the footer semantic tag.

    If you want to place a stand-alone content seperated from others, you can use the figure semantic tag.
    Figure semantic tag can be used for grouping stand-alone content like video or image.

    And that is all for today's HTML5 self-training and evaluation

  • I hate SAP Smartform code editor

    SAP Smartform code editor is the ugliest development IDE I have ever worked with.

    I can not understand the logic of keeping such a limited code development IDE in SAP system. Maybe ABAP developers are used to work with notepad type working environments but as a developer who has worked and been working on development environments like Visual Studio, Reporting Services, etc. I feel angry while working on SAP Smartform

    The hardware environment I'm working with provides me extended desktop on multipe screens with full HD resolutions, on the other hand I'm limited with 60 characters while coding on SAP Smartform.

    I'm getting old just because of coding ABAP and SAP Smartform.

    SAP Smartform code editor

  • Windows Phone API poster for Windows Phone 8 app developers

    Are you a software programmer developing apps for Windows Phone 8?

    If so Windows Phone API poster from Microsoft will be a good resource for you just like many other Windows Phone 8 app developers.
    You can download the Windows Phone API Quickstart poster from DevCenter for free.

    Windows Phone API Quickstart poster for Windows Phone 8 app developers
    If you are looking for more resources and samples for Windows Phone 8 app development then you will probably refer to Official Microsoft WP Dev Center
    There you will find sample code, sample apps, show cases, videos and more links to necessary blog posts and Windows Phone development tutorials
  • Play Mastermind Game using T-SQL on SQL Server

    Hello all T-SQL masters,

    Do you think is it possible to play mastermind game using T-SQL on SQL Server?

    I tried to develop sql code for managing game setup, making guess and evaluating the results to demonstrate a mastermind game actions on a SQL Server.

    But I get stuck.
    I need your comments and help to progress to finish sql mastermind game :)

    Soon I'll place the transact-sql codes I have developed besides the database design and table structures for simulating the mastermind game on a SQL Server environment.

    Stay tuned and share your comments!

  • Oracle Security Inside Out will be held in Istanbul on 24th of February, 2011

    Oracle will be holding the Security summit Security Inside Out in Istanbul on 24th of February, 2011.

    Oracle professionals can register for the Security Inside Out seminars from Bilgi Çözümleri

  • Windows 7 SP1 is released

    Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is released and now available for public download at Microsoft Downloads

    For more information about Service Pack download and install SP1 using Windows Update please refer to guide Free Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Download (Windows 7 SP1)

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