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Exam 70-451 PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Hello MS SQL Server Administrators and SQL Developers who are willing to take the 71-451 exam or 70-451 certification exam PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008,

I want to share with you my 71-451 exam experience. I believe that experience on Microsoft certification exams is as much helpful as a Microsoft certification training.

First of all, everything was perfect except we have not downloaded my certification questions on the test computer. That was really o boring awful problem. That take nearly one hour to get the problem resolved by the Prometric support guys. We had to get in contact with the Nederland office of Prometric.

70-451 certification test is a SQL Server 2008 certification exam, but it covers all the topics of its similar SQL Server 2005 certification exams. So if you are a skilled programmer, a powerful developer using all features of MS SQL Server 2005, or a SQL Server database administrator then you have already answered half of the exam questions and covered half of the SQL Server database topics. So no need to worry much about the exam.
Any way, there was 75 questions to be answered in 180 minutes in the MS SQL Server 2008 beta certification exam 71-451.

The time period is enough even though the certification exam was a beta exam. Some of the questions were easily selected among others that they were simple when compared with others.

I can say that some questions were measuring detailed information on some topics. Sorry, I can not give more detail on which topic what is asked.

But I can say and encourage you to go on the list given in the Microsoft Learning site as the preperation guide for exam 70-451. This guide is a powerful training course outline for 70-451 SQL Server 2008 certification exams.

MS SQL Server 2008 components, choosing required components for specific tasks, basic information about SQL Server components like Service Broker, Full-Text Search, Analysis Services, Integrations Services, etc. is essential.

Database entities in the scope of designing a database model is important. But you can manage these questions if you read carefully.

To support SQL security, roles, permissions, execution context, ownership is one of the important topics in the exam.

Service Broker again as listed in the skills measured given in the preparation guide.

And building a Full-Text search strategy by selecting appropriate search function among CONTAINS, CONTAINSTABLE, FREETEXT, FREETEXTTABLE, etc.

New data types is also important if you really want to get the most from MS SQL2008. So geography, geometry, hierarchyid, date, time, datetime2, datetimeoffset and filestream data types should be well-known which can be gained by working with them.

Designing tables by sparse columns, computed columns, persisted computed columns and constraints on those columns should be well known by a database administrator or a database developer.

Programming stored procedures by using execution context (EXECUTE AS), table-valued parameters, determining appropriate way to return data, WITH RECOMPILE/OPTION (RECOMPILE), error handling, TRY/CATCH blocks is giving database sql developers and administrators very handy tools for solutions to daily problems.

CLR also is important since its first introduction to MS SQL Server data platform with SQL2005. CLR is also an important topic in the SQL Server 2005 certification exams.

Designing transaction strategy with save points, try-catch blocks, etc. is giving sql programmers powerful tools.

XML capabilities in every way should be well studied just as you are getting ready for a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 certification exam.

Also new features like compression in both row compression and page compression is new with MS SQL Server 2008. So compression is important.
Again new features like Change Data Capture especially for ETL applications to carry altered data to warehouse applications, and MERGE statement which is also known as UPSERT functionality in SQL Server must be known. Again Grouping Sets is new in MS SQL Server 2008.

Partitions and partition functions are frequently asked questions in MS SQL Server certification exams. Not only in SQL 2008 exams but also in SQL2005 certification exams too.

And last point I want to note is the indexes. Indexes, clustered, non-clustered, include columns, forcing indexes, table and query hints, etc.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance Certification Practice Exam

So, please read the preparation guide. This preparation outline is the best training course outline for exam takers. And follow the list if you really want to be successfull in the 71-451 beta certification test or the final 70-451 certification exam PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Good luck!

Published Friday, September 26, 2008 1:05 AM
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