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TechEd Developers 2007 is continuing in Barcelona


Today was the 4th day of TechEd here in Barcelona. I must say that with the realeases of 2008 products line is approaching, each session is introducing new features and information about the Microsoft products and technologies.

I will continue to list the sessions I have attended in the event.

Managing Unstructured Data in SQL Server 2008: Introducing the FileStream Datatype. This section is presented by Sethu Kalavakur and he has summarized the solutions that FileStream Datatype has introduced to SQL Server 2008 as well as the problems still waiting for answers about the FileStream data type. Since the demos included sample codes I guess I can be sharing major topics and know-how I gained from Mr. Kalavakur with you. I loved this session by the way.

And secondly I have followed the presentation of Matt Gibbs named "The Next Release of ASP.NET - Significant Features Available Soon..." It was a wonderfull session for me to get a summarized list of features we have been introduced here in the TechEd event by a developer and by the eyes of a development based speaker.

I later entered the panel in the lunch break where the speakers are: Tom Mertens, Clemens Vasters, Patrick Tisseghem, Tom Raftery and Patrick Lowendahl. Blogging, what drives bloggers to share their experiences, how blogging can be done or not depending upon the aims and the statuses of the bloggers are talked shortly.
After the panel I had the chance to ask my questions personally to Mr. Clemens Vasters and I can say he has encoured me to blog more often. I may be posting more by now, just kidding by the way. And here you can fing the blog address of Clemens Vasters

The major event of today is the wonderful presentation of Goksin Bakir. Although the topic was not a familiar topic to me, I learnt alot in his session named "Developing Applications with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and XOML Powered Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). I think the way to SOA architecture will benefit alot from the WCF and WF frameworks in the very near future.

And todays final session was for me an interactive session by Mark Seemann. And the topic was "Test-Driven Development in Practice - How does it Really Work?" And I can easily say that a conclution can not be easily reached on Test-Driven Development. Since you invest on it, you change your designs according to support testing easily. But outcome is also enourmous especially if the projects are highly extensible and huge.

That is all today from TechEd Developers 2007 Barcelona.
Published Friday, November 09, 2007 12:21 AM
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