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Third Day Expressions from TechEd Developers 2007

Hello all,

This was the third day of the TechEd Developers conference in Barcelona, Spain. The sessions are continuing with extreme speed and the crowd of developers are moving from one session to another.

As I could observed, Silverlight sessions are getting high attendance. The speakers are all well covering the session topics deeply.

I would like to again list the sessions I have attended today, in case you want to ask me questions on the topics of the sessions.

Here comes the sessions;
LINQ to XML: Using the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework with XML Data - I would like to put a mark here in order to share one important note from the speaker himself. The speaker is Mr. Mike Taulty has showed a few numbers of LINQ-to-XML samples in C# and then using VB re-code the sample applications. And said that it is easier for a developer to work with XML using LINQ in VB when compared to C# since VB is dealing with XML as its built-in functions. And showed a slide. You can find the slide at the photo gallery where this does not mean VB is better than C# or just the opposite.

Second session was : Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services: Advanced Report Design by Ciprian Jichici. I loved this session since I deal quite a lot with Reporting Services. And I could find quite useful recipes and ideas to solve day-to-day problems I face during my job. Also the session was not only limited with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services but also SSRS 2008 was also summarized with its capabilities.

I also attanded the lunch session which is "Communities? Can they really help my business, my day-to-day job, and my career?"
This is a nice topic and presented by Bart Martens. I had a few hints and clues why Kodyaz is not yet a community :) I need some help...

I also attanded a second session presented by Ciprian Jichici on Reporting Services. It was "Reporting Services Futures: Report Authoring for Information Workers"
I got the good news that soon SSRS will be more capable in its report customizing and authoring features with ReportWriter. It is acquired from Artisan Software and in Office we will be able to run and customize SQL Server Reporting Services reports. But not so soon with the releasing RTM version of SQL Server 2008. Probably we will have to wait for the first service pack for SQL Server 2008.

Next session was "Best Practices for Optimizing XML Queries in SQL Server 2005 and beyond" by Bob Beauchemin. I can say I learnt really useful hints about the XML indexes and execution plans for XML queries.

Last session was "Hidden Gems in ASP.NET 2.0" which was including great tips-and-tricks taste code snipplets and ideas. The speaker was Stefan Schackow.

Tomorrow a Turkish speaker Gökşin Bakır will be representing one of the most interesting sessions of the TechEd, "Developing Applications with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and XOML Powered Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)". I will be enrolling this session.

Today most of the Turkish attanders come together and had a meal. So we are about a number of 30 peple here. Don't you think this is a small number when compared with population and works done in Turkey.

Hope to be with you here on my blog tomorrow,

Until then bye.

Published Thursday, November 08, 2007 2:07 AM
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