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Software Development
Software Development blog includes entries about SQL Server, ASP.NET, Windows 8 and Windows 7, SAP ABAP and Smartform development, Internet Explorer, and Certification Exams, Announcements and Beta products for programmers and IT professionals
Eralper Yilmaz  What I learnt today: What is Low-Code ?  178  56 
redkit  "Error while trying to run project" "Unable to start debugging" "No such interface supported"  21 
Unknown Tales From Kerem Kusmezer
keremkusmezer  Great Open Source DIsk Image Project 
Windows 7
Windows 7 blog for Windows 7 tools, products for Windows 7, tips and tricks, news for Windows users
  Download Software and Tools for Windows 7 
Book Reviews for IT Professional Books, Programming and Administration Books
Book reviews and sample book chapters to download free of IT related books including programming and administration books. Book reviews on SQL Server, Javascript, jQuery, ASP.NET, Windows Phone app development, etc.

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